Around a year ago I began using theGuildHall – pwnbox to mimic the look and feel of the HacktheBox – pwnbox which I highlighted in this article, libc6-dev & PwnBox. I loved this UI and alongside the intuitiveness of TMUX and guidance of ippsec I was able to keep learning and ‘trying harder’. Now, in the past year I’ve found myself evolving, both in process, tools, and mindset. With these changes I have gone back to Kali, introduced a few new tools and moved away from my past love TMUX into alacritty and i3.

Over the past month I have been combining the theGuildHall – pwnbox and xct – kali-clean repositories. I have added additional tools and some personal tweaks to create a familiar but optimized environment that is still able to achieve the original pwnbox look and feel. Below are the installation instructions alongside some of the hotkeys from my GitHub to get you started!

Please Note that the most up to date instructions will always be on my Github which can be accessed at the top of each page.



Nerd fonts full repo takes forever to download/install. Grab a subset or kick it off during the secondary install. Once installed use xct notes below:

xct – After the script is done reboot and select i3 (top right corner) on the login screen. Then open a terminal (hotkey below) run lxappearanceand select ark-dark theme and change the icons to whatever you like (I used papyrus). Grab some wallpaper and run pywal -i filename to set your color scheme.

PwnBox UI on Parrot with TMUX UI Changes.

2020 – PwnBox UI on Parrot

i3 and i3-gaps running on Kail with PwnBox UI
i3 and i3-gaps running on Kail with PwnBox UI 2

2021 – i3 and i3-gaps running on Kail with PwnBox UI

Additional Notes

Change Weather


VPN File Name (used for .zshrc/.bashrc UI)


.bashrc and .zshrc

Both configs are available in the Install directory. Merge/Overwrite for the HTB feel.


Change Background

xct – To have the wallpaper set on every boot edit ~.fehbg Two wallpapers available from theGuildHall* if you want the HTB feel in ~/.wallpapers.


Battery (laptop related)



All the i3 hotkeys can be found on my GitHub repository however below are some of the most important hotkeys I’ve found during my day to day:

WINDefault modifier key.
Ctrl + N*Spawn new terminal in PWD.
WIN + DLaunch a Program.
WIN + Shift + QKill a focused window.
Mouse + WINDrag floating windows around.
WIN + EnterSpawn terminal window.
WIN + FLaunch Fullscreen.
WIN + Shift + 1-0Move container (focused).
WIN + NRename Container (Use #:).
WIN + 1-0Switch to new Workspace.
WIN + Shift + CReload configuration file.
WIN + Shift + RRestart i3 - Keep UI/Session.
WIN + Shift + EKill i3 - Logs out of Session.
WIN + PTake Screenshot (FlameShot).
*Ctrl+N must be used inside a terminal window – Alacritty.
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